Two Interval Training Session For The Stationary Bike

You don't necessarily have to attend a spin class in order to get a great workout on a stationary bike. However, you should perform some type of interval routine rather than just pedaling away for 30 or 60 minutes. It's easy to zone out on the bike when you're just pedaling aimlessly, and as a result, you don't end up working out as hard as you could. If you're looking to seriously burn some calories and get a great aerobic workout, try one of these interval training sessions on the bike.

Training Session #1: Two-Minute Challenges

The premise behind this training routine is simple: you pedal hard for 2 minutes, and then you rest and recover for 2 minutes. Start with a warmup, in which you pedal at a comfortable pace for 10 minutes. It's important not to push yourself too hard in the warmup, as this is a chance for your muscles to slowly stretch out and your heart to slowly pick up the pace. After your warmup, repeat the following intervals between 2 and 10 times, depending on your level of fitness.

  1. 2 minutes at high resistance, pedaling at 60 - 80 rotations per minute (RPM)
  2. 2 minutes at low resistance, pedaling slowly to recover
  3. 2 minutes at low resistance, pedaling briskly at 110- 120 RPM
  4. 2 minutes at low resistance, pedaling slowly to recover

Where the plan above says high resistance, you should turn the resistance up to a level that pedaling is challenging, and you're only capable of pedaling at about 60 - 80 RPM. Low resistance should be a level at which the pedals give easily to your feet.

After completing your intervals, finish with a 10-minute cool down in which you either pedal slowly, or get off the bike and walk around the gym.

Training Session #2: RPM Buildups

If you prefer working out at low resistance, high speed workouts, this one is for you. You can complete it 2 - 3 times if you're in good shape, or just once if you're still new to working out and trying to slowly build stamina. Remember to start with a 10-minute warmup, and finish with a 10-minute cool down.

  1. 3 minutes at low resistance and 80 RPM
  2. 3 minutes at low resistance and 90 RPM
  3. 2 minutes at low resistance and 100 RPM
  4. 1 minute at low resistance and 110 RPM
  5. 1 minute at low resistance and 120 RPM

The stationary bike can provide an excellent low-impact cardio workout. Work these training sessions into your routine, and you're sure to experience an increase in stamina. To learn more, contact a company like American Fitness with any questions you have.