Knee Pain: Causes And Treatments

Knee pain is a very common type of pain to experience, which is usually from the knee joint. There are many causes of knee pain, from an injury to arthritis. It helps to know both the causes and treatment options when you are experiencing this type of pain.

The Potential Causes of Knee Pain

There are quite a few things that can cause knee pain, from sources of trauma or injury, to medical conditions. While these are not all the causes, they tend to be the most common:

Ligament injuries – Ligament injuries can come from many other sources, such as playing sports and being hit in the knee, or being in a vehicle accident. They can also occur from other forms of trauma. Ligament injuries include lateral collateral injury, posterior cruciate injury, and anterior cruciate injury.

Arthritis – Arthritis is one of the most common sources of knee pain. This occurs when there is stiffness and inflammation of the knee joint. In addition to the pain, you will notice swelling and warmth of the joint, as well as lack of mobility.

Dislocations – If you feel knee pain more in the kneecap than in the joint itself, you might have dislocated your kneecap. This can cause both acute and chronic pain, and is often the source of trauma.

Cartilage injuries – Another part of your knee that can cause pain is the cartilage. This can occur with people of all ages, and is another injury caused by trauma, physical activity, or sports.

Getting Knee Pain Diagnosed

Some sources of knee pain will go away on their own, but you should never assume it will just go away. Persistent pain of the knee joint, kneecap, or cartilage should always be looked at by a doctor. See a doctor if you experience any of the following:

  • Your knee pain makes it difficult to walk
  • You notice swelling and warmth around the knee
  • The pain continues even while resting
  • The pain has gotten worse instead of better
  • The knee joint looks deformed

The Treatment Options

The type of treatment your doctor recommends for the knee pain depends on the cause of the pain and how severe it is. If it is from arthritis, they will likely ask you to rest and take an anti-inflammatory pain reliever to help with the pain. This is a chronic condition that doesn't have a cure. If there is damage to the kneecap, joint, or cartilage, surgery might be necessary to correct the damage. Contact a company like Tedder Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center for more information