4 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

You have reduced the amount of calories you eat each day and increased your exercise, but you are still not losing enough weight. It can be pretty frustrating to do all of that work and not see any results. However, you might be doing small things that hinder your weight loss efforts. Here are four reasons you are not losing weight:

You Are Not Eating Breakfast

If you skip breakfast because you want to save calories or you are very busy in the morning, you are making a big mistake. Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day, and you should make sure to eat something every morning. If you do not eat breakfast, you will be starving by lunchtime and may overeat. Eat wholesome foods that will fill you up, such as scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast with peanut butter or oatmeal.

You Do Not Count Your Liquid Calories

Liquid calories might not fill you up, but they can still slow down your weight loss goals. Many beverages, such as sodas, juices and smoothies, have at least 100 calories, so you need to count them. To save the amount of liquid calories you consume, stick to water and unsweetened tea on most days.

You Are Relying on Just Exercise

Just because you worked out for an hour and a half at the gym does not mean you can have that slice of cake. It is very easy to overestimate the amount of calories you burned at the gym and underestimate the amount of calories you eat. The truth is that exercise does not burn as many calories as you think. Even if you work out hard for an hour, you still might only burn 300 or 400 calories. It is very important to reduce your calorie intake and eat nutritious foods. For example, you could eat whole wheat toast with peanut butter or almonds after a workout.

You Do Not Change the Intensity of Your Workouts

To avoid hitting a weight loss plateau, it is important to increase the intensity of your workouts, according to Fit Day. For instance, if you mostly walk on the treadmill, try running as fast as you can for at least a few minutes.

Losing weight is not easy, but it definitely can be done. If you follow these helpful tips, you can drop the weight and feel confident about your appearance again. For more information, speak with professionals at a physician weight loss center.