Complementary Activities That You May Find on a Yoga Retreat

Many people enjoy practicing yoga at home or at a local studio, but if you really want to immerse yourself in this pastime, you might wish to sign up for an upcoming yoga retreat. Often held in picturesque environments, yoga retreats give participants an opportunity to step away from their daily lives and unplug from their devices—both of which can help you to relax and concentrate more on your yoga.

Depending on the length of the retreat and its structure, you might be able to expect a variety of complimentary activities for you to enjoy. Here are some other things that you might experience at a yoga retreat.


There may not be a lot of immediate similarities between yoga and hiking, which may make you question why a retreat's itinerary includes a hike or two. However, hiking is a good complement to yoga for several reasons. Your yoga practice teaches you to be calm, and one of the tenets of yoga is to respect all living things. Hiking gives you the chance to put these ideas into practice. Many people find hiking to be relaxing, especially when it's done in silence. By being in nature, you'll develop a deeper appreciation for it—which is in alignment with the principles that you learn in yoga.

Vision Boards

Some yoga retreats will have workshops in which participants work on vision boards. A lot of people find that doing yoga gives them clarity. For example, some people will actually perform yoga for a period of time when they have a decision that they're trying to make. A vision board is a piece of art on which you post images, words, and other things that appeal to you to evoke what you want to accomplish or feel. Completing a vision board may be challenging in your day-to-day life, but the clarity that you get while doing yoga can make this exercise fun.


It's often difficult to find a yoga retreat that doesn't include some form of dancing. Yoga teachers often encourage their students to "get in their bodies," and dancing is another way that you can accomplish this goal. You don't have to worry about your lack of experience with dance. Often, the dancing at yoga retreats is of a free-flowing style, so you don't need to worry about knowing or learning specific moves. Each of these complementary activities can be ideal for enriching your yoga retreat experience.