Options to Consider for Weight Room Flooring

When selecting weight room flooring for your home gym or your professional weightlifting needs, you have multiple options. Your budget, size of your weight room, and what you use your room for besides weightlifting can all determine what flooring will ultimately work best for your needs. Whatever material you choose for your weight room flooring, make sure it's absorbent and protective so both people and flooring remain safe while working out.

Use this guide to help you understand what's available so you can match weight room flooring options with your needs. You can buy flooring at your local sports equipment store, a flooring specialist, or ordering the materials you need online.

1. Rubber floor tiles

If you want weight room flooring that is easy to customize and install, then consider rubber floor tiles. These are solid rubber tiles that can be connected in various shapes to fit every room's style easily. The rubber floor tiles can also be taken down and placed elsewhere should you change the rooms you want to have weight room flooring in. Depending on the subfloor and if you put the rubber tiles in on your own or not, your costs can average between $3–$8 per square foot.

2. Rubber floor rolls

An alternative to rubber floor tiles is rubber floor rolls, which offer the same protection and shock absorption as rubber tiles but are installed in giant mats. These rolls can be hard to install without assistance from other people because of the heft. It can also be costly to ship due to weight. However, the cost for rubber floor rolls or mats is cheaper than that of rubber tiles, costing around $1 to $5 per square foot for the flooring, not including installation costs.

3. Cork flooring

Rubber isn't the only solution for a weight room floor. You can also use cork, which is a cost-effective and environmentally sound solution to your weight room flooring needs. Like rubber, cork is available in rolls or you can buy the material in flooring tiles for an easier installation that is more customizable to your needs. Cork has its own appeal, so if you want a unique weight room flooring solution, compare cork to rubber and see if it will work best for you. Cork floors cost anywhere between $2–$5 per square foot and are great for giving you a durable and lasting weight room floor that you can enjoy.