Tips For Preventing Injuries When You Do Yoga

Practicing yoga, regardless of what specific type you pursue, can be a way to strengthen your muscles, improve your flexibility, and even reduce stress. You can visit a local yoga studio for a group class under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor who will guide you through a series of poses. It's also possible to practice yoga at home on days that you aren't able to visit a studio. You may have multiple goals about your approach to yoga, but one goal should be to avoid injuries. Here are some tips that can help you to realize this goal.

Don't Hold Poses Excessively Long

If you're keen on using yoga to improve your flexibility, you might be tempted to hold certain poses as long as possible. Your teacher will tell you how long you should hold each pose, and it's important for you to heed this recommendation. Holding poses longer than necessary could strain your muscles and cause pain. The length of time that you should hold a pose depends on several factors, including the pose and your level of flexibility. In general, if you're starting to experience discomfort, you should gently release the pose.

Consider Your Body

Sometimes, there will be situations in which you're not physically able to perform a certain pose. For example, if you've recently suffered a wrist injury, you won't be able to complete a pose in which part of your body weight is resting on your wrist. There's no harm in skipping one or more poses during a yoga class. You can simply rest on your mat and concentrate on your breathing while the other students perform the pose. When it's time to perform the next pose, you can do so if you're able.

Focus On Yourself

When you take part in a group yoga class, there's a good chance that some of your classmates will be better at yoga than you. It's important that you don't act in a competitive manner. For example, if you see someone beside you who is performing an advanced variation on a pose, you shouldn't attempt it just because you want to show that you're capable. Pushing yourself beyond your physical capabilities could put you at risk of an injury. Try to remember that yoga isn't a competitive practice. You should always focus on performing the pose properly as per the teacher's instructions, rather than worrying about what others are doing.

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