Hire A Personal Trainer Whose Specialty Pertains To You

An average person who has common fitness goals such as losing weight and gaining muscle can hire virtually any licensed personal trainer and expect to earn results upon working hard. If you're someone who doesn't feel your situation is average, however, it can be a good idea to look for a particular personal trainer. When you browse online to check out personal trainers in your area, you'll come across a number of these professionals who have one or more areas of specialty. When you find someone who specializes in something that pertains to you, you can be confident that they'll be the right fit for your situation. Here are three common examples.


There are a number of personal fitness trainers who specialize in working with the elderly. Fitness for the elderly presents a number of challenges. Age-related muscle atrophy means that you won't be able to lift as much weight as someone a few decades younger, while joint issues as a result of conditions such as arthritis mean that high-impact exercises won't be suitable. You'll want a trainer who understands how to create workout plans for those who are elderly. These plans may include working with lighter weights, using low-impact cardio machines, and more.

Injury Recovery

When you've had a serious injury, you'll often work with a physical therapist to recover. In the weeks and months that follow your recovery, you may be eager to begin improving your strength and endurance — and feel that a personal trainer can help you to achieve these goals. Look for a trainer who specializes in helping clients who have experienced significant injuries. They'll know that you'll have physical limitations that you need to respect during each workout. For example, if you had a serious knee injury, a specialty trainer can develop a regimen of lower-body exercises that can strengthen the muscles around the knee without pushing it too hard.


Some women work out while they're pregnant, while others look to get more active during the postpartum phase of their life. If you're keen on hiring a trainer, look for someone who specializes in postpartum fitness. They'll understand your specific fitness goals and your limitations. For example, you might want to lose some fat but need to be careful because you have back pain as a result of being pregnant. The right trainer can give you an assortment of appropriate exercises to help you meet your goals.

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